Duncan Baker responds to concerns about seal welfare at Horsey

Duncan Baker visited the Friends of Horsey Seals this week, following news reports about seal deaths caused by visitors' actions. 

On what was a very windy day, Duncan met Peter Ansell, Chairman, and volunteers to find out more about the issues affecting seals' welfare at this time of year. If you're visiting, please follow these simple guidelines:

  • KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. Maintain a distance of at least 10 metres between you and seals - they are wild animals.
  • NEVER COME BETWEEN A PUP AND ITS MOTHER. Approaching seal pups may lead the mother to abandon the pup.
  • KEEP DOGS ON LEADS. Dogs can cause distress to seals. Seals are protective of their pups and may bite!
  • DON'T CHASE SEALS INTO THE WATER. Seal pups, while white, are not waterproof until they first moult, and may drown.
  • KEEP TO THE ROPED PATHS. Roped paths are in place to help protect against coastal erosion, and to keep visitors at a safe distance from the seals. There is a voluntary beach closure in operation from November to April - please keep off the beach and observe the seals from a safe distance.